Dedicated Legal Support

Dedicated Legal Support

Dedicated Legal Support


Christy knows you need your business and artistic ventures protected quickly. Therefore, she is dedicated to helping you as efficiently as possible - even if that means working outside of business hours to accommodate your schedule or get your case resolved. 

Diverse Experience

Dedicated Legal Support

Dedicated Legal Support


Christy serves a wide range of clientele - and each client is valued greatly. Christy listens carefully to her client's desires and takes their opinions seriously. She works hard to give each client personalized service so that each one can achieve his specific goals. 

Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Business Solutions


Business owners and freelancers work hard to create their work - and earn their money. Christy works equally hard to help them protect their investments from a legal perspective and consider the broad ramifications of their legal actions so that they can focus on doing their jobs. 

Legal Knowledge

Business Solutions

Business Solutions


Christy constantly reviews the latest case law to make sure she is staying abreast of the most recent changes in the law. She closely monitors entertainment law, employment law, trademark law, copyright law, and business law cases in both Florida and New York to ensure you get the highest-quality legal advice.

Services Offered

Trademark and Copyright Law

Christy will file your state and federal trademarks/service marks as well as your federal copyrights.

She will also handle any intellectual property infringement issues you encounter - no matter which side of the infringement you're on.

Contract Law

The firm will review, draft, and negotiate contracts on your behalf to protect your interests. This is particularly important since contracts act as your laws for the deals you make with others.

Small Business Law

Get help determining the best way to structure a new business, register a business, get your business running, or hire new employees. 

Christy is experienced in structuring many different business entities and can advise you on each step in the process while you begin managing your small business or entertainment company. 

TV & Film Law

Get help with option agreements, production agreements, rights clearance agreements, and employment law concerns regarding your crew. 

Music Law

The firm can assist you with producer agreements, recording agreements, band agreements, 360 deals, and retaining ownership of your intellectual property. 

Sports Law

Christy can help athletes protect their professional images, review endorsement deals, and draft performance agreements. She can also help athletes protect their trademark rights and right to publicity. 

Literary Law

Get help protecting your written works, maintaining your intellectual property rights, and reviewing publishing agreements. 

Social Media Law

Christy can help you protect your brand as a social media influencer so that you can continue doing the work you love. Plus, Christy will review and negotiate your sponsorship agreements. 

Internet Law

Cybersquatting and website liability are two issues business owners encounter frequently. The firm can protect your rights on the internet.

Right to Publicity

Your name and reputation are extraordinarily important. When you need to protect your name, likeness, and image, let Christy help you to do so - and to get paid appropriately when others profit off your likeness. 

Non-Compete & Trade Secret Agreements

The firm can draft, review, and negotiate non-compete and non-disclosure agreements so that you can be confident you're signing a contract that is in your best interest. 

Registered Agent & Notary Public

Take the hassle out of running your business by having Christy serve as your registered agent or having her notarize documents for you.