About Christy L. Foley, Esq.



The Law Office of Christy L. Foley was founded in 2012.

Since creating the firm, Christy has represented numerous small businesses and entertainers. She helps clients successfully secure trademarks, handle infringement issues, negotiate contracts, and expand their businesses by adding new employees (among other things). 

Prior to opening her own firm, Christy worked with boutique law firms in New York City that represented filmmakers, musicians, and elite athletes. 

Additionally, Christy's experience made her a sought-after instructor. Consequently, she has been a professor at Full Sail University since 2010. 


Christy is admitted to practice law in both New York and Florida

She graduated from the City University of New York School of Law with honors. 

Her undergraduate degree is from Boston University and is in broadcast journalism. Christy graduated with honors from that program as well. 


Prior to attending law school, Christy worked in television broadcasting. She worked for multiple news stations (including NBC Olympics, MSNBC, and ESPN) as a researcher and associate producer. 

Christy herself was an athlete and musician growing up. She competed at the national level in figure skating when she was in college. She also played multiple instruments (including the piano, clarinet, and bass clarinet).

As a result of her athletic and musical experiences, Christy understands firsthand the dedication you have to your craft - and how important it is to you, which puts her in a unique position to work effectively with you.

Honors and Publications

From 2018 until 2020, Christy serves on the Florida Bar Association's Entertainment and Sports Law Executive Council.

In November 2016, Christy's article, "Do You Own Your Own Personal Brand? In Figure Skating, the Answer is Not Too Clear", was published in the American Bar Association's Intellectual Property Journal, Landslide

In August 2012, Christy's article, "Suing Ourselves: How Our Need for Smartphones Allows Apple & Google to Act like Big Brother", was published in the New York Bar Association's Entertainment and Sports Law Journal. 

Mediation Work

In addition to practicing law, Christy has been certified as a county court mediator in Florida since 2011 and certified as a circuit civil mediator since 2019. 

In 2016, Christy was appointed to Florida's Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee ("MEAC"). Since July 2018, Christy has served as Chair of the committee. 

Moreover, Christy is the Membership Chair of the Florida Bar Association's Alternative Dispute Resolution Section.

Plus, Christy serves on the American Bar Association's Publications Review Board for dispute resolution manuscripts and serves as the Vice Chair of the American Bar Association's Dispute Resolution Committee for Solo and Small Firms.

Finally, Christy manages a mediation firm called E-Mediation Services.